Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back and Kickin'

Good day friends!

It's been long since I updated this blog of mine..sorry for my absence. Recently, our family was in a very troubled situation.  As for you who don't know, my husband used to work in Libya, and we were so terrified when the news spread that there's some rebels who started do organized protests against Libya's Government...for weeks, I was up and about some media offices and concerned government offices here, asking help for my husband's and his co-workers for immediate repatriation. It was so stressful and we weren't able to have good sleep at all. I can't do nything but cry whenever I see news on TV regarding what is happening in Libya.

Then, come March 2, when finally, my husband came home, safe and unharmed, just tired from exiting to different countries just to be here with us. I thank God and all who prayed for him to be here reunited with us...and hope it goes the same to those others who have a family member working in there, to be reunited with their own family...God is VERY Good!

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  1. poor you - well done for staying strong and you must be so relieved x x x