Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Altered Datebook (mini-album)

I've been meaning to share this one to you all...It's my new inspiration..An altered datebook turned into a Mini album..Everytime I look into it, I'm excited of the coming year (2011) because I'll be expecting good pics to fill in it..

Here's the little darling..

Loovvve how this project turned out to be...I'll be putting the most memorable picture of each month on the coming year...Something to look forward to and a nice excuse to be crafty!!

Hope you like it...and hey! Why don't you try it yourself too!! As for me, I might do some more of this, maybe for a Christmas gift or something...

Have a nice day! Thanks for dropping by..


  1. This is absolutely adorable!! I may have to try it out :) hope you don't mind.

  2. Yes, absolutely you can try this one...you'll enjoy doing this...thanks for liking!